I’m Just A Child

I'm just a Child; Children in Conversation
Children having conversation

I’m just a child
My days have just begun,
Our God gave me to you.
You’re God’s gift to me.
Delicate yet willing to grow strong,
I’m feeling safe in your loving arms.
Sing lullabies for me
Always kiss me good night.

I’m just a child
Teach me how to pray,
I will talk to God every day.
I’m just a child;
Teach me how to sing,
I wanted to praise the Lord.
And When I grow old
It’ll be so much fun!


I’m just a child
I’m like an empty bottle
With good things, fill me please.
My heart’s still pure;
It may last for a while,
Till the time it’s intoxicated.
Let me treasure it,
For as long as I live.

I’m just a child
Hold my hand; keep me safe
I’ll smile with pleasure all along.
You’re a grown up.
Pick me up when I fall down,
You are my guardian angel.
It’s so much fun,
To have you with me.


I’m just a child.
Set the rules for me,
I’d like to know what you’ve learn.
After you, I’ll follow
Teach me the way I should go,
I’ll never depart from it.
Lead me to the Savior
Less I perish on the way.

I’m just a child
I’m greatest in the Kingdom
Yes, in the Kingdom of heaven.
Do not despise me;
I have my angels in heaven,
Who sees the face of my Father;
The heaven’ abider
‘Tis where I belong!

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Who Will Welcome Me?

Our Pastor welcomed me, amidst the congregations, as I attend our church’s Sunday Worship Service again. Almost a year had gone since I last attended. It really was a great privilege for me being able to go to church again.

When he gracefully asked me to stand, calling on my name, to welcome me; it brought an ineffable merriment deep in my heart. My heart knows, very deeply, it was only by the grace of God that I am able to set my foot in the church, on my own.

So when my name was called and I rose to stand amongst my fellow churchgoers, my heart pounded with joy. These questions filled me, instant and warmly: Who will welcome me when I get to heaven? Will I be there when my name is called? ……. I want my Savior to richly welcome me home when my life on earth’s over.

Although I wanted to leave it behind as of now, here I’ll give a quick look back at what had happened two years ago:

In the last quarter of 2015, I have developed unwanted health problem for which I was hospitalized for three long consecutive periods, each lasting more than three weeks. The second installment of my hospital stay witnessed me underwent brain surgery, just before Christmas that year.

In the third installment, I was rushed into the hospital in an ambulance. My loving God graciously spared my life this time although there’s a possibility of me going home. Since I already wrote about these experiences, I wouldn’t go into details here.

These episodes in my life left me to stay at home; caring for the damage caused during this period. That is the reason why I am unable to attend our church worship services, on Sundays, for almost a year. However, I am blessed to get enough verses, from the Bible – the word of God, while in my hospital bed. I’d read and re-read during this period.

A Rich Welcome:

2 Peter 1:11 reads, you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Only those of us who are saved by the blood of the Lamb are entitled enter the eternal kingdom of our Lord after death. While this offer is made for all, it is limited with certain terms and conditions.

Welcome to the universe
Welcome with open arms: for reference purpose only

We should make every effort to add goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love to our faith. And possesses these qualities in increasing measure, we’ll be productive and not stumble on our way to the eternal kingdom. More importantly, we should be cleansed from our past sins.

Just as the Prodigal Son was welcomed by his father, we’d be welcomed by our Savior should we faithfully follow Him. When his father saw him, he ran to his son; threw his arm around his son and kissed him. His servants brought in the best robe and put it on him. (Luke 15:11-32)

This time, in heaven, it would be a white robe, which shone bright in the presence of the glorified Lamb of God. We’d assemble joyfully joining the angels with our savior as our mediator. And the God of hope would fill us with joy and peace.

Deeply Missed Welcome:

My father, who welcomes me home every time I visited home, was no more to be seen here on earth. I can still remember his welcoming words, the place he would stand, thanking the Almighty Father for keeping us safe.

He always wanted me go home straight, without lingering on the way bothered by relatives, extended families and friends. ‘Set your heart on our humble dwellings – our home,’ father would advise us. Our worldly home doesn’t offer much but it is here in this place, we find a loving heart.

Then the day came when my father was no longer to greet me. Emptiness stung my heart. But his words remained to console my grieving soul. For he told me, he had a father who lovingly saved his soul and prepare a place for him.

When the thought of my father resting in the arms of the savior crossed my mind it gave me peace. Yet I deeply missed even his mere presence.

Musings on the Heavenly Welcome:

There are times when I ponder over the grand welcoming awaiting us. The privilege we have in the blood and promises of Christ. A day, which will surely come, when we enter our eternal being.

Have you ever thought about it? It is time we get ready. Do we need to worry so much about our welcoming? No, but we must be certain where we’re headed, confidently.

I cannot say much about the grand welcoming as I’m still here like you. But I have hope that it will happen in the near future. Here are some musings of mine:

How will they welcome me, when I got home?
Will I be there when they called on my name?
Yes, my name’s surely in the Book of Life.
Worn out, suffered, in the valley of death
Who will welcome me in the gate of heaven?

When I cross o’er the other side of life
Will they call on my name as I stood there?
Would my happiness worth the pain
That day; Savior will wipe my tears away.
Would I regret not having shed more tears?
What joy to be saved by the blood of the Lamb!

What would be my welcoming words before Him?
Will He say, Come in, worthy servant?
What will happen when I see His face?
Will I simply stand shamed; empty-handed?

Would the desire of my heart be completely filled?
Oh, how I long to be there!
I wanted my sufferings be rewarded
Afflict me more, would I say in regret?
The crown, would I be entitled?
Oh, who will welcome me?
I want my Savior to welcome me!

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

See My Tears!

Tears in eye
Tears dropping

Tears roll down from my eyes,
Down in my cheek it flows wide.
Put my tears in your bottle;
List my tears on your scroll.
For long I’ve been a sojourner,
Hiding my tears agonized me.

See my tears, O Lord!
Trade my tears with joy!
Let my tears be gel of happiness,
Let my tears be fragrance of my devotion;
Blossoming into glad songs as the ‘Lark’s
Spreading hope in gaiety’s cheer.


In a pool of tears I’m drown,
Pull me up with thy mighty hand.
Sweep away my wretched life;
Brighten my eyes gleefully.
Ordain my life before you,
Do not be silent at my tears.


Like a scorned lover I cried,
Devoid of appreciating the stars.
Wandering in a lonely dark night;
Belittled in den of thorns.
Till my tear drops get dry,
Do not be silent at my tears.

See my tears, O Lord!
Trade my tears with joy!
Let my tears be gel of happiness,
Let my tears be fragrance of my devotion;
Blossoming into glad songs as the ‘Lark’s
Spreading hope in gaiety’s cheer.

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Hiding Tears

Hiding tears isn’t easy; it can be agonizingly painful. Tears are an outcome of intense emotional strain caused by certain level of happiness or adverse affect of despair. Tears, once shed, can’t be undone.

Few days ago, I visited the hospital to get my forty minutes video-electroencephalography done. As I get there, I was informed that my time slot gets change, so I had to wait for another two hours. So I reclined myself into the waiting room and read several verses of the Bible from my phone.

Several minutes passed by when a young lady entered the waiting with pieces of cotton still reeling in her hair. She drooped her body down in the corner chair. Before long, I could sense her whimpering in reclusive, hiding herself in the shade of her torn tresses.

She was holding her tear; trying to hide it as much as she could, and she looked tired. So I enquired a little and asked her to let it out, to let her tears flow freely, in the hope that she’d get relived. Hiding tears is hard and it can be tormenting.

The young lady told me that she had the possibility of undergoing brain surgery, which she feared the most. In her words, her long-due sufferings of epileptic disorder gave her no chance to live her dreams. For instance, her dream of meeting her prince charming get shattered and the attacks came in the least expected time.

In a way, I feel blessed to be in that place so that she could let her tears out. Since I’ve the same illness and underwent brain surgery, I try to comfort her in the best possible way I could. However, there’s some gap as we’re of different faith and religion.

As we’re fighting the same disorder, I share her some life hacks: Finding the strength to go on with epilepsy at bay. How God gave me a life and beautiful family, despite in this condition. She told me that sometime she simply cried in a secluded place because of her fate.

Like many, she became that random person, who we met for a short span of time, with heavy heart and we wanted to help. Yet in a moment or two she’s gone with her attendant holding her now. Before she left the room I assured her I’d pray for her and I really did, that day.

When my time slot came, I went in, waited for the technician to put in the electrodes in my scalp. I doze off easily until my video electroencephalography is over, as they read my brain activity. It made me feel grateful to have a supporting people with me throughout my suffering, unlike some sick people, gifted by God for my comfort and care.

Tears one earth
Hiding Tears: For reference purpose only

Tears before God:

We all have tears; by letting it out it eases our suffering or pain. In moments of higher degree of happiness and comfort we still shed our tears. Most people hide their tears, as it can be misleading at times. It is taken as a sign of weakness in many forms.

No one wants to look sad; we wanted to appear happy and spread happiness in the best possible way we could. Yet we are reduced to tears in our most private moments. It is a result of our innate being. We are blessed to have tears, which can flow. It shouldn’t be hidden.

Shedding tears before the Lord our God is by far the most appropriate place. Our God keep counts of our tossing; and put our tears in His bottle. (Psalms 56:8) Our tear drops don’t go in vain.

In my long years of suffering, I too shed tears yet I tried to hide as much as I could. The upside is that some of the tears are tears of joy in the midst of suffering. God sees our tears; this make my sufferings easier though it didn’t took away the pain.

Tears In Secluded Place:

When I’m full of bitterness, emotional strain, and wanted to let it out, I moved into a secluded place to weep before the Lord who is the creator of heaven and earth. Sometimes my secluded place can be in the woods (when I’m in countryside), in the prayer cabins, and the corner of the church.

We are highly privilege to commune with God everywhere, even in our most appropriate or inappropriate timing and place. Appropriate, when we seek our own comfort and place; inappropriate, when we are in the middle of trouble and crowded places. Those tears before the Lord never go in vain, let me reiterated.

It is my believe that no one can tell our pain exactly as it happen. So we tend to hide most the pain inside as well as our tears. And we wanted no one to be intrusive in our life except for some designated or very close persons. Still, there are some who never let their adverse moments known. It might be because it was taken as a quality of manliness.

In a secluded place, no one bothers nor disturbs us, yet God sees us. We can openly let our tears flow crushing the pain of hiding tears. When the tears run dry, sometimes immediately or very lately, the infilling and comfort of the Holy Spirit takes place. Although the waiting period may differ those tears becomes our treasured possession, which makes me move forward.

Man of Tears:

King David, in the Holy Bible, was a Man of Tears. Many instances are given indicating David wept loudly. He wept for God’s people, for committing a sin, and many times because of the adverse situations in his life. Yet he had unfailing hope in the Lord.

For instance, when David and his men found the Amalekites had destroyed Ziklag they wept aloud until they have no strength left to weep. What a sorrowful event recorded in the Bible! Simply the thought of it still haunt me.

But David found strength in the Lord His God, it was recorded. In this time of distress, he turns to the Lord. In short, David and his men run after their enemies, overtake them, and destroyed them recapturing their possessions. (1 Samuel 30)

Tears can be our connecting link with our God thereby regaining our lost strength for our life and mission to carry on. David was a man who openly shed tears before the Lord his God. He said: “My tears have been my food day and night.” (Psalms 42) Many of the Psalms were a cry for help in his most devastating period of his life.

He knows that God is his only possession, his rock and salvation. His salvation comes from the Lord. By opening himself with tears in his eyes, David had the privilege of being closer to the Lord while on earth. Let him be our source of inspiration in our dark days.

Trading Our Leaky Eyes:

In grieving, suffering, and non-anticipated hardship we easily shed our tears. When our life’s underperforming, unable to keep up with peer pressure, and our life’s boat developed leakage it is difficult to continue living joyfully.

When all our innate and acquired wisdom cannot set us free, unable to find alternatives to some living condition, it pains our heart. That pain cause tears to flow behind our eyelid and when it is more painful to hide that tears, remember you are not alone. There must be a purpose for that pain.

In those moments, it is better to turn to God and shed our tears before our Savior. Either way our Savior lifts our heavy heart or gives us the ability and strength to endure that adverse period whether long or short. Our God works for our own good; He’s not selfish and zealous of our happiness and wellbeing.

The same way the Holy Spirit helps us, He intercedes for us with wordless groans. The Spirit intercedes for God’s people in accordance with the will of God. (Romans 8:26, 27)

Let’s put our leaky eyes before the Lord; Pour out our soul before our Savior. And if it is for His glory, our God will make us whole again.

Tears roll down from my eyes
Down in my cheek it flows wide
Put my tears in your bottle
List my tears on your scroll
For long I’ve been a sojourner
Hiding my tears agonized me

See my tears, Lord!
Trade my tears with joy
Let my tears be gel of happiness
Let my tears be fragrance of my devotion
Blossoming into glad songs as the ‘Lark’s
Spreading hope in gaiety’s cheer

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Shielding Me Compassionately

Cold waves blow for some days during the winter season. Winter season and summer season can both be extreme in the place I live. The winter hasn’t been kind to me although it lasted for a short period of time. So I shield myself in my affordable way.

My woolen cap, compassionately hand-knitted by my wife, came in handy for me as I need to shield myself from the cold waves. Especially after my brain surgery, it pains my head inside-out although I wouldn’t talk in detail here. The cold waves seem to entering my head from where the surgeons had opened my skull.

Sometimes it feels odd to wear my woolen cap, day in-day out, wherever I go. But I need to shield myself to protect my sensitive head, which saved me from the resultant excruciating pain. I hope it will take some more or less time to shield myself.

My woolen cap, in some other’s head, might not bring that much amount of comfort as it did to me. For this simple yet very much-needed accessory I am more than thankful.

Woolen cap: a shield for winter
My woolen cap; a temporary yet essential shield

Now for starters, let’s define what shield or shielding is, in very short. That, we might get a brief view of what we are talking about:

Shield, in its verb form, is to protect from an unpleasant experience, danger or risk. While in its noun form, shield is an object or thing providing protection or a safeguarding tool. It is more of a cover, shade, security, shelter, and many more.

Shielding Ourselves:

Since we cannot live without protection, we build houses, fencing, and the likes, to protect ourselves from immediate and intervening threat or dangers. At some level, we play diplomacy at the cost of shield ourselves and our countrymen from intervening outside interest, which may harm our well-being.

Everyone work hard so that we may shield ourselves from unprecedented mild disaster, by gathering wealth and through some insurance covering our life. We secure jobs, shielding ourselves at some level. Some of us blew our chances due to their own incompetency in handling matters, health, work and family, relating to it.

But our real shield is from and the Lord. Blessed is he who takes shelter in the Lord. As king David declared: the Lord is my strength and my shield. The Lord is their shield and their help to those who trust in Him.

Jonah’s Temporary Shield:

Now I wanted to take you again for a short moment into Jonah’s life, as mentioned in the final chapter of the Old Testament book Jonah. (Jonah Chapter 4)

Jonah was sent to the City of Nineveh. In short, God blessed his efforts and the Ninevites repented from their sins; so God spared them from destroying their city, which made him angry.

He set up a camp outside the city’s wall. Strangely, God graciously caused a leafy plant to grow over his shelter; gave him shade for his head to ease his discomfort. He was very happy about the plant less he might fainted from the scorching heat of the sun.

The next day, however, God provided a worm to chew through the plant; so that it withered and died. When the sun rose, he was left to expose in the scorching heat; the sun blazed his head and he grew faint. This made Jonah very angry again and he wanted to die.

He rants against God, the Bible has recorded, for destroying the leafy plant, which was his shield from the scorching sun. The Lord, however, told him that it was only in His grace he provided a shield for him. He has no right and reason to rant against the Lord; he was shielded by God compassionately.

Although God did this purposefully to teach him about His care for the inhabitants of the city, we can learn a lesson from here: It was in His grace and compassion we are provided our timely shield and shelter.

Our Refuge and Shield:

Our God is gracious and compassionate; slow to anger and abounding in love, and relents from sending calamity. (v.2b) In Him, we are shielded, given shelter and comfort, protected and lovingly cared.

The Lord sees our needs; and the Lord provides for all. Even in our most unlikely situations of life, He shielded us. We have no adequate ability to protect ourselves – physically and spiritually. We are bound to perform very badly without the grace of God.

The problem could be that sometimes we rants against God not realizing our life’s shielded only by the abiding grace of God. He is the provider and He is free to take it back if it is for our own good. Our God rarely take it back nor terrorized his people without a reason.

Our God is compassionate; He knows our need. He shielded us lovingly in His care so that we may not perish on the way. He neatly shielded us, which keeps us safe from the work of the devil. Our Savior doesn’t want the devil to toy with our life.

We should be happy, and let me make it personal, I must be happy. He is the Lord God who is shielding me compassionately through thick and thin; the One who keeps me safe, lovingly and graciously.

Blessed is he who took shield in the full armor of God.
The word of God is a shield to those who take refuge in Him.
Blessed is he who takes refuge and shielded in the fortress of the Lord.
For them, the Lord is their salvation and their stronghold.
He is our stronghold in times of trouble
He shields all who take refuge in him;
They lack nothing!

Let’s take up the shield of faith, with which we can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Let’s remain grateful for the grace of God and His compassion, through which we are shield.

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Imperfect People

Imperfect people are real people. Real people lived in the real world. And I am one of them. As long as we live in the real world, perfection cannot be attained; yet we must have hope, and for the best.

We grieved, suffered, heart-broken, pained, flawed, inferior, unfit, below standard, and felt incomplete. It is because we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world.

People wanted to overcome our adverse moments with ease but somewhere down the line our imperfection popped up. If and only, we’re in our own strength, we’re heading nowhere. The unseen work of God, behind the scene, only keeps us going.

It is natural that we have this longing for triumphing over this imperfection. We wanted to shine; be an example, leading a victorious life. In that pit of imperfection we may fall, yet it can lead us to discovering the meaning of life, should we rise again!

Imperfect Innate Being:

My father had taught me certain Christian values, which would keep my soul and body safe from the work of evil. I wanted to be a perfect boy at least by abiding with the rules of the house. Yet, sometimes, I ended up the opposite.

When I wanted to do good things, many times, I ended up doing what I hate. I want to live a life that pleases God and people around me. When we happen to make a hole in that imaginary boundary wall, we feel guilty.

Guilty-driven life has to be rescued with love. And many times I was rescued. But the thing is; the more you wanted to perfection, or at the least near perfection, our imperfection desire cropped up again. The saying, ‘rules are made to be broken’ holds true in young lives. And we have to fight the good fight, always!

Imperfect apple;  defective
Imperfect fruit in the midst; defective-for reference only

Imperfect Body:

We possessed an imperfect body, which is susceptible to pain, developing wear and tear, as we aged. Some become healthy while some battle for life since their very conception.

Several people had gone through the knives; developed a never-ending pain, scarred for life, and need consistent care. Yet some people had complete bones, organs, and hole-less skin, throughout their life. Still, they go through pain and hard times in some period of their life, which might be harsher than physical pain.

We are imperfect people waiting for perfection in the glory of the Lord. We are God’s good work in progress. We eagerly await a Savior from there, the Lord Jesus Christ, who, by the power that enables him to bring everything under his control, will transform our lowly bodies so that they will be like his glorious body. (Philippians 3:20, 21)

Imperfect Character:

I have no skill for interpersonal relationship with people. Handling relationships with persons near and far have always been an uphill task for me. But I am glad, there are enough people who still love me albeit my imperfections.

Decisions taken in our imperfect periods had led us to unwanted pitfall and hard times. Some are scarred for life, as our decisions followed by actions, once taken cannot be repealed. For many, it’s just that tiny ‘yes or no’ moment, which bugged our life since.

My tongue is a small part of my body, which is the hardest to be tame. We can hurt someone without talking much; it is the quality of words we spoke than the quantity, which really matters. A small spark from our end can set a great forest on fire. (James 3:5, 6)

I may write about forgiveness yet I struggle to forgive others. It requires the work of the Holy Spirit. When somebody hurts us we wanted to bounce back. From our imperfect mind there’s hardly anything which is subtle and mild for others.

Some of us know the ways of getting closer to God but hardly act upon it. We are slow to make decision when it matters most. Our acquired wisdom did not make us perfect rather it filled us with pride and self-esteem.

Hiding Imperfections:

We all tried to hide our imperfections. In this materialistic and unrighteous world, it is a good practice to conceal our imperfections, at some level. If not, we would have no respect and adore for people’s personality or character.

Our ways of determining our imperfections is when: we don’t have money, losing jobs, unemployed, unable to support our family, chronically ill, unable to maintain our status in the society, leading a lowly life, self judgment, many more. And when our hide-out is no more safe.

But we cannot conceal anything before the Lord, our Savior. We may lead a messy life yet God knows it all. Some of our lives are too messy that we might want to give up. However, our God accepts us, should we go to Him, despite our imperfections.

Trading Imperfections – On the road to Perfection:

Some two thousand years ago, our Savior has flag off a new bogie for us, towards the road to perfection. Since then, millions had boarded, some are on the road, while faithful and holy people had made it to perfection, in His abiding grace.

On the road to perfection many get healed while some are made to wait for glorious revelation. We get delivered from our imperfections in His abiding grace; our sins and chronic illness gets washed by the atoning Blood of Christ.

In His act of Salvation, we are once again connected with Christ. Therefore, we have hope of trading our imperfections as we headed towards becoming a perfect person in His abiding love. It is the greatest hope for the imperfect people.

Our physical imperfections, appearances, scars, and adversities can be our stepping stone for building a strong and lasting bond of perfection with our Savior.

Christians are not perfect people, they have their imperfections too. But we are heading towards our road to perfection, in His abiding grace, when we humbled ourselves before our Savior.

On that day, when we met Him, we’d trade our imperfections with the complete perfections of our body and soul. We’d trade our sorrows and tears with joy and happiness. Our savior will wipe away our tears, which are shed because of our imperfections.

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Only In His Abiding Grace

Few days ago, my medicine supply chain developed a snag as I try to fill my stock for the next month. There, usually, was no problem in getting my prescribed medicines.

I am getting better, I would say, but I need to maintain drug level in my blood. One cannot simply stop taking medicines abruptly or without consulting doctors. And that we already know.

It took me few days to get my prescribed medicine, this time. A few phone calls and e-mail exchange with the manufacturing company followed. In the meantime, I inform my supplier the information I could gather and it was resolve now.

Rarely did I think of thanking and contacting the drug manufacturer if this snag doesn’t develop lately. I have been taking this particular medicine, everyday, for the past two years. However, my regular intake of medicine dates back to ten years ago.

As these medicines become an integral part of life, for the time being, I hope, it is important to get what I need. Here I wanted to stress here that we tend to forget the One who is working behind the scene for our well-being.

When we get what we wanted very easily or possess them in our hand, we don’t think much, which mean we don’t thank much either.

Only by grace; only in God’s abiding grace we get our needs. We lead normal lives, which rarely developed a snag. A repairable snag may occur, which draw us closer to Him; holding on to Him tightly.

Inside The Head:

A visit to diagnostic centre was always followed by test reports. Imaging and blood test reveals what our naked and pure observation cannot detect. When the test reveals nothing we feel good, but it can reveal more than that.

The cells and electricity in our head are beyond our control. Some cells become thicker while some could be thinner than the desired level for healthy life. And if something goes wrong it can lead to prolong treatment procedures.

When our body metabolism works fine; when the momentum of electron and photons, inside our head, are well maintained, only then we function as normal human being. The very delicate parts of our body are beyond we can take care of.

In parts, the functioning of our organs could break. The work of the Lord was declared in several books of the Bible. Job declared: “(You, Lord) clothe me with skin and flesh and knit me together with bones and sinews. You gave me life and showed me kindness, and in your providence watched over my spirit.” (Job 10:11, 12)

In His abiding grace, our God work behind the scene for our wellbeing, up keeping, healing, and caring. When our life is smooth we tend to forget about talking to our Creator. But when it developed a snag or was flawed, in some part, we realized we have been blessed throughout the whole time. And that’s the upside of suffering.

Many times, our poor condition of living: poor health, starving spirit, poor financial situations, grieving, unexpected loss, and many more lead us into the Wilderness of Life.

Developing a snag in desert
In the Wilderness of the Desert

In the Wilderness of Life:

Our God, sometimes, allows us to venture through the wilderness of life. But in the wilderness of life, as pilgrims in progress, we mostly find His abundant grace like never before.

While some of us might thirst physically, some get filled spiritually. God talked, usually, to man in the wilderness, but I am not downplaying other times where God visited man. The Israelites have seen their God in work mostly during their time at the desert, in the wilderness.

In the wilderness, life is hard. Few people chose to live there. But sometimes, it can’t be avoided. In the Scripture, God’s people were familiar with desert life. They lived there but He provides their needs. In that way, they know that He was God; their Provider, Savior, and their Rock of Refuge.

Today, people hardly live in the desert literally. But technically, there are many people who live in the wilderness in the comfort of modern surroundings. Some people choose to experience desert-like places while some are bound by circumstances.

When we are in the wilderness, or going through hard times, we are reminded of our dependency on God to sustain our life – spiritually and physically.

Even when we live in a place of aplenty, we sometimes need to learn lesson in the wilderness, so that we’d sustain our life amidst the blessings we received. If not our blessings won’t last long or it might slowly kill our life, losing the salvation we have in our Savior.

In God’s Abiding Grace:

In God’s abiding grace, we have an oasis of life. From that oasis we can draw our needs, which will sustain our life. Further, if we fetch more that oasis we can become a channel of blessing for others.

Only by His abiding grace we are freed
Only by His abiding grace we are redeemed
Only by His abiding grace we aren’t destroyed
Only by His abiding grace our life’s sustained
Only by His abiding grace we can stand up before Him
Only in His abiding grace we become an heir to His Kingdom

Thus we can become a kingdom person. It is a great privilege all men are entitled in the blood of Christ, but not all men possessed.

When we are in the wilderness, dry desert or dry spell of our spiritual life, He filled us with the “water out of the rock”, which serves as our spiritual nourishment and refreshment. Our God is graciously and willingly our refreshing fountain in our life’s journey.

In His gracious interposition, God led the water flow out of the rock. (Exodus 20:10-12) He merely did not quench their thirst but redeemed them, Israelites. Our God provided, abundantly, for His people in the desert, and guided them safe through the pathless wilderness to the Promised Land.

Isaiah wrote: “They (the Israelites) did not thirst when he led them through the deserts; he made water flow from the rock; he split the rock and water gushed out.” (Isaiah 48:21)

In His abiding grace, our God is ready to take that extra step for humans if it is for the goodness as well as the glory of His Almighty name. And having said that: His working ways are beyond the wisdom of man. Our acquired wisdom could make us closer or farther away from Him.

Since our life and its resources are limited, channeling our needs, might develop a snag at times. Yet we are given the greatest ‘gift of God’ – the living water, in His grace. (John 4:1-26) Nourishment for our dehydrated body parts, organs, and spirit.

In the wilderness of life, whoever drinks the water from Him will never thirst again. Indeed, we can become a spring of water welling up to eternal life.

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