Who Will Welcome Me?

Our Pastor welcomed me, amidst the congregations, as I attend our church’s Sunday Worship Service again. Almost a year had gone since I last attended. It really was a great privilege for me being able to go to church again.

When he gracefully asked me to stand, calling on my name, to welcome me; it brought an ineffable merriment deep in my heart. My heart knows, very deeply, it was only by the grace of God that I am able to set my foot in the church, on my own.

So when my name was called and I rose to stand amongst my fellow churchgoers, my heart pounded with joy. These questions filled me, instant and warmly: Who will welcome me when I get to heaven? Will I be there when my name is called? ……. I want my Savior to richly welcome me home when my life on earth’s over.

Although I wanted to leave it behind as of now, here I’ll give a quick look back at what had happened two years ago:

In the last quarter of 2015, I have developed unwanted health problem for which I was hospitalized for three long consecutive periods, each lasting more than three weeks. The second installment of my hospital stay witnessed me underwent brain surgery, just before Christmas that year.

In the third installment, I was rushed into the hospital in an ambulance. My loving God graciously spared my life this time although there’s a possibility of me going home. Since I already wrote about these experiences, I wouldn’t go into details here.

These episodes in my life left me to stay at home; caring for the damage caused during this period. That is the reason why I am unable to attend our church worship services, on Sundays, for almost a year. However, I am blessed to get enough verses, from the Bible – the word of God, while in my hospital bed. I’d read and re-read during this period.

A Rich Welcome:

2 Peter 1:11 reads, you will receive a rich welcome into the eternal kingdom of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Only those of us who are saved by the blood of the Lamb are entitled enter the eternal kingdom of our Lord after death. While this offer is made for all, it is limited with certain terms and conditions.

Welcome to the universe
Welcome with open arms: for reference purpose only

We should make every effort to add goodness, knowledge, self-control, perseverance, godliness, mutual affection and love to our faith. And possesses these qualities in increasing measure, we’ll be productive and not stumble on our way to the eternal kingdom. More importantly, we should be cleansed from our past sins.

Just as the Prodigal Son was welcomed by his father, we’d be welcomed by our Savior should we faithfully follow Him. When his father saw him, he ran to his son; threw his arm around his son and kissed him. His servants brought in the best robe and put it on him. (Luke 15:11-32)

This time, in heaven, it would be a white robe, which shone bright in the presence of the glorified Lamb of God. We’d assemble joyfully joining the angels with our savior as our mediator. And the God of hope would fill us with joy and peace.

Deeply Missed Welcome:

My father, who welcomes me home every time I visited home, was no more to be seen here on earth. I can still remember his welcoming words, the place he would stand, thanking the Almighty Father for keeping us safe.

He always wanted me go home straight, without lingering on the way bothered by relatives, extended families and friends. ‘Set your heart on our humble dwellings – our home,’ father would advise us. Our worldly home doesn’t offer much but it is here in this place, we find a loving heart.

Then the day came when my father was no longer to greet me. Emptiness stung my heart. But his words remained to console my grieving soul. For he told me, he had a father who lovingly saved his soul and prepare a place for him.

When the thought of my father resting in the arms of the savior crossed my mind it gave me peace. Yet I deeply missed even his mere presence.

Musings on the Heavenly Welcome:

There are times when I ponder over the grand welcoming awaiting us. The privilege we have in the blood and promises of Christ. A day, which will surely come, when we enter our eternal being.

Have you ever thought about it? It is time we get ready. Do we need to worry so much about our welcoming? No, but we must be certain where we’re headed, confidently.

I cannot say much about the grand welcoming as I’m still here like you. But I have hope that it will happen in the near future. Here are some musings of mine:

How will they welcome me, when I got home?
Will I be there when they called on my name?
Yes, my name’s surely in the Book of Life.
Worn out, suffered, in the valley of death
Who will welcome me in the gate of heaven?

When I cross o’er the other side of life
Will they call on my name as I stood there?
Would my happiness worth the pain
That day; Savior will wipe my tears away.
Would I regret not having shed more tears?
What joy to be saved by the blood of the Lamb!

What would be my welcoming words before Him?
Will He say, Come in, worthy servant?
What will happen when I see His face?
Will I simply stand shamed; empty-handed?

Would the desire of my heart be completely filled?
Oh, how I long to be there!
I wanted my sufferings be rewarded
Afflict me more, would I say in regret?
The crown, would I be entitled?
Oh, who will welcome me?
I want my Savior to welcome me!

© 2018, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Going Home: Brief Concept of Perfect Christmas

In the middle of December, two years ago, I had undergone brain surgery. Just ten days left before the year’s Christmas dawned. I was recovering, in the Intensive Care Unit, with few pains between the doses of painkiller.

Somehow, I want to go home before Christmas. And I know it could simply be a far cry of the inner self. My two young kids, who could not see me in my hospital room, were at home. My wife’s busy maintaining balance between home and hospital.

At least if it is possible, I don’t want to steal the spirit of celebration or celebrating moods of my devoted attendants. I was there, in the fumigated and calm hospital room, swooning to the beeping sounds of supporting machines.

During those period of uncertainty, I can recollect what my father told us before every Christmas; a prayer for those who could not be home for Christmas. Especially for those who are about to spend Christmas time in their hospital bed. I told myself, ‘I could be one of them!’

However, I know that nothing is in my control. I may or may not be home for Christmas; even if I am home I could simply offer my presence. After all, I know that all our family members would be praying for my quick recovery.Many times, I was made aware of their intercessory prayers.

Home for Christmas with decorations
Artwork: Home for Christmas

One evening, Doctor VP told me that I would be going home for Christmas; I thanked him. We even click few still moments, capturing those happy moments. We were discharge the next day. And we’re home for Christmas!

The almost Perfect Christmas:

Before moving forward to how we celebrate Christmas that year, I wanted to take you around on how we wanted to have a perfect Christmas. By tradition and culture, we are among those people who wanted to celebrate by having a grand feast among the believers. Everyone’s excited being part of the celebration, soon after the programs in our church are over.

Now, as time goes by we would like to give each other the perfect gifts. We chose the perfect greeting cards and write the perfect family letters if we’re not home. We would imagine the perfect celebration for Christmas and put all our effort to make it work. In other words, it was that time of the year where the pressure intensifies.

In many places, nowadays, the so-called celebration or party planners would be busy tending calls in this time of the year. Everyone wanted the best Christmas for a year. All the preparations would be way over the normal budget compared with any other occasion. It is good; it shows our appreciation of the new-born king.

For some people, it is time for buying new dresses for their children and love ones. Their wallet would be stretched a bit. They would want to show up shining and well-polished. These are what we called as being part of creating a celebrating atmosphere in most part of the world. Some have-nots section of the society would be getting their annual heist, which is long overdue.

Faulty Concept of Perfection:

We wanted to put good food on the table. More importantly, most people already work hard to secure the once-in-a-lifetime kind of meal on that day. However, unsurprisingly part of the meal got overcooked, probably, due to intensified behavioral error.

Children are busy fighting over toys. Their parents might get affected either directly or indirectly due to their tenacious or domineering attitude over others. Before they get the better side of it Christmas would be over. It would be disappointing for some.

Due to our faulty concept of perfection some would be left high and dry. Our perfection Jesus Christ had promised us is something different from this entire attitude. This year, if your Christmas celebration is less ideal and non-meaningful, take a backseat, relax, and focus more on the perfection we have in Him.

The Meaningful Christmas:

Let’s go back to our Christmas celebration, when we’re home just before Christmas, on that particular year.

There’s no time for preparation nor did have we time and strength to decorate our house. Yet there’s joy in being home for Christmas. It really was a joyous moment this Christmas as we’d be spending time together at home.

Spending precious time together at home, talking in deep the purpose of the birth of Christ, and the sharing the privileges we have in Christ Jesus would be more beneficial. For someone who is still deprived of the privilege of having peace with, it would be a great opportunity to ponder over it. There is joy, which the world could not give, in Christ Jesus.

Due to some specific reasons, some of us can’t be part of the celebration organized by anyone but we’d be talking about the reality of Christmas to our children. In between short nap and taking rest, we talked about the significance of the birth of a new king; the Savior.

All of us couldn’t make it home. We still have a troubles; a battle to fight.

Instead of getting discouraged, as we need to go slow on almost everything, we could focus more on the true meaning of Christmas; we could be in peace with our Creator because of the coming of Jesus Christ, here on earth. Our broken relationship amended so that we could be called the son of God.

If you’re among those people who cannot make it home, either by choice or due to unavoidable circumstances, it can still be meaningful if you spend time with God. He came to die so that we may have life, should we believe in Him.

For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. (Titus 2:11) In Him, we become the Righteous. For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being make holy. (Hebrew 10:14)

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will toward men!

P.S Merry Christmas!

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

The Loneliness of Life

During my formative years, I had spent considerable amount of time herding cattle, sometimes sheep, in the slopes of the hills.

Most of the time we were alone, except for our bovine friends, which we had closely watch. In the nearby shade of trees, we sat down, waiting for the animals to be fed.

It was a good time to render our thoughts over anything our mind would grabbed upon. It inculcates, at some extent, a wandering or thinking mind in us. I always had that longing for a cozy living room filled with good books, carpets, and warm chairs.

Where there are no hard soils to sit upon, we’d climb the trees holding onto our shabby books, either very old or typewriter-written books. In that vastness of the world filled with green valleys, rivers, and hills, we spent our time in loneliness.

We’d missed those football matches where people cheered, as loud as they could, for their teams. Not only that, we’d missed some local festivals as we headed towards the woods before sunrise. In those remote places, refrain from normal life, we spent our time.

The Lonely Lamb
Lonely Lamb; the Loneliness of Life

Loneliness is a state of mind; it is more of a feeling than the separation or disconnection with people. We can find more lonely people in the thickly populated alleys, sidewalks, and workplace of cities than in the remote regions of the world.

Ostensibly, one can easily possess loneliness when disconnected, mentally or physically, with people around us. Even with friends and families around us, we could have pervasive loneliness, which could be filled only by the Holy Spirit.

Loneliness in the Virtual World:

Here let me give a brief account of our virtual world before we moved back to the nativity;

In the realm of our present virtual world, people become prone to loneliness more easily than they did before. I’ve known some people who really counted the number of ‘likes’ and ‘comments’ on their social media posts.

Some friends met on the phone and chat through the available communication apps. There is enormous lack of human touch. A huge hole is left in our lives.

Words and one-liner communication can be easily misread, and at the same time, misinterpreted. Few people had stopped seeing each other face-to-face. When the machine gets conked off, for some, life isn’t happening anymore.

Something or someone has to fill the void. That void is hard to ignore. The brighter side is that such void can be avoided, but if not avoided, it can be filled.

The Shepherds of Bethlehem: (Luke 2:8-20)

The shepherds suddenly shot to fame at the birth of Jesus Christ. They are keeping watch on their flock living out in the fields nearby Bethlehem. They lead a life different from the townspeople. The Bible did not give us their numbers but it seems they did not interact much with other people, except the middlemen to whom they sold their sheep.

The shepherds, at that time, were generally seen as living a low life. Their occupation was considered as of little value by other people. They spent the night under the stars. They were quietly getting on with their business.

Suddenly, on the night Jesus Christ was born, the angel appeared to them. The lowly and isolated people were the first to witness the birth of our Savior. A brief description of the new-born king was told to them.

A great company of the heavenly host appeared praising the God. They had witness the heavenly host in their very own eyes! What greater privilege could there be on this earth than witnessing the heavenly praise?!

Those shepherds being the first to be told about Jesus make a lot of sense. In their isolated and lonely life, the shepherds had been given privilege. They become the favored people with the birth of Christ. Our loneliness, feeling of isolation, and lowly life could become the cornerstone; a block or the foundation of witnessing.

Immanuel – God with us:

The birth of Jesus Christ marked the wonder incarnation that God became flesh and made His dwelling among us. Matthew quoted Isaiah in proclaiming Jesus Christ was the promised Messiah.

Immanuel is a Hebrew word meaning “God with us”. Let’s read the text here: All this took place to fulfill what the Lord had said through the prophet: “The virgin will conceive and give birth to a son, and they will call him Immanuel” (which means “God with us”). (Matthew 1:22-23)

The God who dwelled among us never left us again. In His ascension to heaven we are provided with the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

A life stemming out from Him would not be lonely, as He is always with us. It will be fruitful in the right time and phase.

There will be times of loneliness, the feeling of being forsaken, the feeling of isolation, and the feeling of helplessness but let us remember and remind each other the indwelling of Christ through the Holy Spirit in us.

Jesus Christ is the Lord, our God, who not only abided in heaven but also abided with us.

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Beneath the Willow Tree

There were willow trees in the corner of our mustard field. It is nearby the bank of a river. Beneath the willow I’d sat down, escaping from my routine life. The cold sand waiting for the warm sun rays, until they featured in the stipulated alignment of the earth and sun.

Serene beauty, with reflections of the blue sky above can be seen in the water. The trees nearby started to shed their leaves. However, these willow trees are filled with greenery still producing my required clean air. Their sweet yet small fruits are ripening.

In that calm and clean water, I could see fishes enjoying the water. From my bag, I took out my fishing hook. I used bamboo sticks as my fishing rod. Laid my bait as I lowered down the hook for the fish; when the fish pulled my stick I suddenly pulled it out. And there’s a fish swallowing the hook.

At last, the sand gets warm. The story book that I read gets more and more interesting. Yet there’s one problem I could hardly know all the word meanings. I’m just learning yet I felt contented. The place was like a safe haven for me.

Beneath the willow tree, I was as calm as I could. I wanted spend my time alone. I wanted to be in peace, at least for some moment. No living creatures are welcomed here. Except for those birds calling each other to share their foods I kept for them.

willow tree near the brook
Willow tree near the river

Sometimes, I would take a quick nap rejuvenating myself in the world of dreams. The sound of winds, coming from the leaves, could be mesmerizing. It was mixed with fragrance of nature. When it gets warm I’d hang my clothes in the branches of the willow tree.

In no time, I gathered my catches and few belongings and get up to resume my work. Time does fly when you are in peace. In those moments of hard work and worries, time seems to remain constant. The dazzling sun seems to dwindle; soon it will disappear behind the mountains.

I’d picked some of the mustard leaves to bring it home as I inspect every nook and corner of the farm. So that when I get home I could see appreciative faces. It is not an obligation but I wanted to contribute for our large family’s meal.

Once again, I glanced at the willow tree, which seems to be enjoying the evening breeze. When its small branches and trees moved, side to side, following the breeze; there is a sense of relief inside me. I took them as waving goodbye to me for the day.

Safe Haven No More:

Today, in the shade of my room, I revisited the place I once used as my safe haven, in my mind. It was not easy to experience that kind of serene environment. Things have changed, physically and mentally. The atmosphere has been filled with undesirable influxes.

The silence, or should I say semi-silence, are interrupted by the activities of people. Inside the room, there are no fish to catch. The occasional breeze hardly comes by. Even when it comes, it is the polluted city air which if possible, would be neglected without a single breathing.

Serenity exists only in a dream by now. Pain has eluded the calmness of life. There’s hardly any place that can be used as safe haven. Bad news and crime reports filled the morning newspapers. Once again I longed for that place; that calm place beneath the willow tree.

Living creatures, man and animals, around us intruded our privacy. There’s a need for conforming to the diktats of the law. As Jean Jacques Rousseau puts it, “man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains”. We are bounded by our worldly needs in the walk of life.

When you wanted to do something good there are people who’d take advantages of such moves. In our everyday life, we have been ambushed by many things that we need to settle score with, from time to time.

Just when I was about to close this chapter I heard a group of people shouting at each other. I looked out to check where it was heading; it seems to be one of those exaggerated negligible tiny issues again. By the way, shouting, making noise, and disturbing the peace of each other is an habitual practice of the residents, in the city where I lived.

Peace of Mind:

There are many interpretations on the kind of peace, which the prince of peace Jesus Christ had brought to this world. As it was proclaimed at the birth of Lord Jesus Christ, which we celebrated as Christmas: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.” (Luke 2:14)

The first and foremost, the most important peace at the same time, was we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. We have been justified by our faith in Him. (Romans 5:1) While this peace is meant for all people, it was only to those who accepted Him as their Savior. It brought peace of mind to those who are saved.

The kingdom of God is about righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. It is for us to pursue the things which would bring peace and edify one another in the light of the Lord. (Romans 14:17-18)

With the indwelling of the Holy Spirit we can be peaceful with one another. At the same time, it is important that we first have peace of mind inside us. However, the work of the evil afflicted us from losing this peace in our journey of life.

Now the peace of God will soon crush Satan underneath your (our) feet. (Romans 16:20) Our God is not the author of confusion but of peace. The time will soon come when peace from God will prevail throughout the universe and beyond.

There are times my mind wanted to rest as it did beneath the willow tree. Beneath the reign of God, we can have peace of mind. May the peace and grace of Lord Jesus Christ be with us! Amen.

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

I Called Him Father

Until a year ago today, there was someone who loved me dearly and was always available for me: I called him Father!

He was my birth father. When I’m among men I’d proudly called him “Father”. He taught me the way of life, in that manner, I could best learned from him. His advises are always subtle.

Even when I called him from afar; where I now lived, I can still feel the warmth in his voice. It was that warmth voice, which brings comfort to since my childhood days. It brings a feeling a security in me. Even though we didn’t talk often, that special feeling of having a father was irreplaceable.

Attending church-organized conferences with my father, when I started to read and write, I would never forget those experiences. The discussions and analysis we had, of what we’d heard after such events, are something I have missed dearly.

My father’s Concord Reference Bible always came in handy. It was my first access of such books in understanding the gospel. In the countryside where learned preachers are in scarcity, it was more helpful. However, there are times when I still preferred the Holy Spirit filled but raw sermons till today.

There are times though, when I felt, my father’s wallet seems a bit far away. His Heavenly Father had provided for us; my father also had a father. And we need to ask few times, in other words pray, when we needed financial help. Nevertheless, food was always on the table in time, although our wallet might seem far.

As a young teenage boy, I wanted to get unleash from my father’s authority. But he took hold of me as much as he could yet I slipped away several times. Several rules are set for me to keep intact with him. Obedience, the best way to show our love, was never easy. Yet my father kept holding me back, even when I failed, because I am his son.

Above all, I am proud to have him as my father.

Abba Father:

Among the many Bible verses my father reads in our family prayer time, Galatians 4:1-7 was repeated over and over so that we might not miss out in future.

Abba Father
From my heart, I called out “Abba, Father”

My father always emphasized on our “son-ship” or being an “heir”; the privilege of calling God, as our very own father:

“When the set time had fully come, God sent His son Jesus Christ. In short, Jesus Christ paid the price, on the Cross of Calvary, for our slavery; being us a slave under our sin. And those who received this adoption to son-ship become God’s child.”

Since we become God’s child, we are made an heir to His kingdom. In the Holy Spirit we called out to Him as “Abba Father”. The word Abba, in Aramaic, was a word used by children for their father. It is something like a “Daddy” or “Papa” today.

This word “Abba” richly expressed our relationship with God. That is why we considered God as our Father as well as our God. In other words, as much as He is our God, He allowed us to call Him Father so that we may have very close, a Father-son relationship with Him.

So, in the blood of Christ, even a worthless person was accepted as an heir. The worthless becomes worthy in His eyes. With full confidence, respect, and ownership we can now called Him Father.

My Father at Present:

More than I’d imagined I missed my father. There are many things I wanted to consult. Just simple queries he’d reply me aptly. By the way, being my father we followed each other. We kept updated of our situations whether at home or happenings around us.

Now with my father being gone, there is loneliness which cropped up every now and then. In my everyday life, there are times I wanted to ring him. Still, I have my Heavenly Father. But I cannot see Him. I cannot touch Him. I cannot hear Him speak like normal human beings.

I connected with my Heavenly Father through His words found in the Holy Bible, and in the form of prayers. It is a privilege to call Him FATHER whenever I talk to Him. However, there are certain answers I wanted, which He did not find it necessary for me at this moment.

There are times He seems so far away. Yet I know He’s with me always. It depends on how I give Him space inside my heart. When I called on Him, He’s nigh. He lets me know His abiding presence.

My Father for Eternity:

I have a Father who never ceases to exist. Heaven and earth may fade but He’ll be there. He is the Alpha and Omega; the Beginning and the End.

It’s a blessed assurance to have Him in my life. The assurance that I will no more perish but to be with Him, in eternity; bought to have that privilege through the blood of Christ.

Jesus Christ had declared, “My Father’s house has many rooms; if that were not so, would I have told you that I am going there to prepare a place for you? And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come back and take you to be with me that you also may be where I am.” (John 14:2-3)

My God who was not ashamed of me calling Him as my Father. And His Grace is sufficient!

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

Letters from My Father

My father wrote letters to me; more often than any girl would. It was written with love. Neatly written in his very own hand but with severe curves, which could take time to read.

Letters from my father
Actual photos of Letters from My Father

Today, I was submerged in a plethora of emotions, thinking back at those good old times. My father would use papers from the workbooks from my siblings; a one-liner and neatly summed up writing contained.

I put them in between my books and re-read them from time to time. At least, he’d enquire what he’d written to me, the next time we meet. So, at least, I’d read again before vacation time begun.

It was his handiwork so I have this feeling of attachments whenever I read his letters. In that way, the sudden long distance between us was easier to bear. It was his way of making us feel special.

Going back few years, we thought we’d be providing together for the family in anyways we could. I was blessed to find work in our locality. So we thought we’d be together and we’re happy lots.

But then I set out for University education in faraway land; more than 1500 miles from home, with bad connectivity. The dilapidated transport system, leave aside the very high airfare, could take us some four days, approximate, to reach back home.

Brief contents of the letters:

Occasionally, that envelope reaches me. The letters could be long while some are short and straight to the point. The long ones I called them sermons, and the short one my father’s wishes for me.

My father had, always, included quotations from the Holy Bible. His sermon summaries or base Bible verses are included. He wanted me to write back my thoughts base on the given verses.

In some of the paragraphs I was updated of our family financial status, family members and their performances in whatever field they’d undertaken. The neighborhood news, entwined with humor, was always a treat. I was always delighted to get hold of his letters.

I felt sorry because his letters could not comprehend me: in his love and guidance in the light of the Lord. I did things I’m not supposed to, sometimes, in some ways. But he accepted me through and through.

My father always mentioned he misses me a lot. He trusts me to stand alone and be true to our belief. To keep his teachings should be held more important. At first, when I failed I looked at his letters in regretting what I do.

That much impactful was the value of his words. His expectations and non-expectations were stated. He reminded me, time and again, not to worry so much about future.

There would times when my replies would be negative and unpleasant. My meager introduction in studying Political Science, as we’re busy with those trends of ‘Critical Analysis and Compare and Contrast’, might get reflected in some way.

My feel good factor:

My father doesn’t want to let me feel bad. He knows I was alone. He’d never write hurtful words. When I need correction he’d chose those extra sweet words. In that faraway land, he simply reminds e of his principles of home.

He reiterated his prayer for my well-being and even for my finding a good partner in life. Every morning and night they, not only him, they pray for us, he informed. Fear not! God must be with you, he said.

Your mother has always been beautiful, lovely, and gentle he wrote with a slight hue of humor. The quiet, kind, hardworking, and loveable character of my mother was once again appreciated. And I love this part.

When he told stories of character from the Bible, I would say just give me the text I have my Bible with me, jokingly, so that he might save time and energy.

Father wanted me to feel good whenever I read from him. And that’s the beauty of life without internet and telephones because let my mind wander to be with them.

About work and lifestyle:

Crop failure or status are a must tell. God has provided us this far so we’ll lived on, he encouraged, when crop didn’t do well. Let me put out one sample here:

You work hard; we’ll do the same, here at home. Let’s see how far we can make it. In the end, we must learn contentment in what we get. Be careful not to turn away from the path you’d followed since your childhood.

Whenever I wrote back I need to get him updated of the city where I stayed, my college lifestyle and the likes. What I had enjoyed about the pave and what not, are a must tell. This practice has enlivened me in many ways.

He always ended with a loving note which got me emotional at times. But I was warned before that it’s not for that purpose.

Living it Out

Some repetitive I was quick to point out, which my father said was because he wanted me to live it out wherever I am. The way it should be with reading the Bible and being living with and living it out.

Sermon outlines and my inputs are requested when Christmas or some special days approach. In this way, I’d rendered my thoughts for him, which also provide a good time for thinking on the Lord’s.

The letters looked worn out now. But they’re still with me: some in my mind and some physically. They are always special to me. I am undecided about putting it out, word to word.

the end of my father's letter
My father signing off his letter

I am thankful for the time he devoted in talking to me. He’d do anything for my well-being. But we too have clash of ideas, at times. My father always signed off his letters with benedictions.

In all these times, I rediscover his advises are always for my betterment. And I was sad I couldn’t follow all of them.

When we meet again I wanted to get more of him and his love. I am glad for his timely letters and his love for me.

That last time where I delivered eulogy at my father’s funeral program I did not shed tears because, deep in my heart, I believe he lived on in his Savior’s arm!

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.

The Sensitive Plant: Touch me not!

Sensitivity could make us delicate or otherwise callous. While it is one of our innate quality, it can be hugely influence by occurrences and changes in the body.

Now, plucking the leaves of the Sensitive Plant, without letting it fold inward or droop in, wasn’t easy. It required lots of accuracy in approaching and moving our hands.

There is a rumor amongst us that anyone who can pluck the leaf, before it fold-in, have a good fate ahead. It’s just a rumor among children, and I don’t know why. Since the plant has unique sensitivity, it was easily agreed to.

It was more like a game, which needs lots of patience and accurate release of our nerves. Once the leaves folds in, we have to wait for a while till it gets open again. And we search and moved to another plant.

About the Plant:

For starters, the Sensitive plant is a perennial herb of the pea family. The given scientific name is Mimosa Pudica. It is a Pan-Tropical weed found mostly in Asian countries, South and Central America.

shame plant; open and droop-in
The Sensitive Plant: Before and after it is touch

It is known in different names locally, mostly depicting its unique characteristics. It is known in names such as – the Sensitive plant, Touch-me-not, Shame plant, Humble plant, Lou-nuak, etc., etc.

When you touch the plant, if it can fold-in by itself, it implies that the plant’s defense mechanism is working fine. At some extent, we are also given self-defense mechanism, which keeps us safe in many situations.

Now leaving about the plant, I want you to focus on your inbuilt senses. These senses provide our adaptability in circumstances, which was seeded in us by our Heavenly Father.

Sensing Around Us:

Quick reaction to people’s action and movement can deplete us in showing out the beautiful side of a person. Although this particular plant is created to be in this nature, we can learn something important about controlling our temper here.

There are some people who are real sensitive. Before we know, they’d fold into their own zone, which make it difficult to work with them. There’s nothing to worry if you deal with them cautiously.

This sensitive plant has thorns too. It is a clear signal of “touch-me-not” being displayed to the world. Several times, I’d personally witnessed the plant piercing my legs while working in the field.

“Be sensitive to each other’s needs – don’t think yourselves better than others, but make humble people your friends. Don’t be conceited.” (Romans 12:16-21) If you read more verses here you will be instructed on handling certain situations.

These types of plants, although it benefitted them, are creating nuisance by their simple presence. We should be aware that we possessed thorns to someone while performing teamwork.

However, these plants still has its valuable uses; it helped in maintaining nitrogen fixation in the soil where it abided. Our God has a purpose for all of us. No one’s useless.

More importantly, out of the thorn and unique plant a beautiful flower blooms out of it. It makes the world beautiful although it might be tiny. We are valuable in our own way!

Open up again, as the plant did, less you might miss the true intention of people around you. These sensitive plants did open their leaves again after few moments.

Lastly, appreciate all the creatures of God despite their characteristics features.

Sensitive to the work of the Holy Spirit:

Now, I want your sensitivity be turned towards the work of the Holy Spirit. If we could’ve heard and follow the directions of God by being sensitive towards his words, it would the greatest benefit for us.

While God has been working throughout our life, it would be a colossal loss to our existence should we be insensitive to His works.

Some of us have hardened heart, which are insensitive and more likely to ignore the work of the Holy Spirit. Strongholds, in any form, could harden our heart.

We’re in bondage once, but no more. We’ve been freed to have a relationship with Him. No more dumb to hear Him nor separated by evil forces. We could be sensitive towards Him. Being senseless is dead.

When we’re sensitive towards the Holy Spirit, we become sensitive towards His work. We try not to become a stumbling block to the weak and take care of our rights; not to misuse it. (1 Cor. 8:9-12)

The Bible says: “and so by your knowledge this weak person is destroyed, the brother for whom Christ died. Thus, sinning against your brothers and wounding their conscience when it is weak, you sin against Christ.”

Enormous amount of sensitivity and caring for others are involved here. As a saved person, we are no more an agent of the dark but an agent of the light. There are certain things we should not touch!

It is my firm believes that excessive or unwanted sensitivity could be healed by Jesus Christ. So touch me now, my Abiding Savior!

Dear readers, should you be longing for the touch of the Master; May you get touch by in Jesus’ name. Amen!

© 2017, Thuam Siam Ngaihte. All rights reserved.