In The Drivers’ Seat Again

There was a date with an asterisk mark in my journal. It must be a day with significance, I thought, so I looked back on that particular day:

On that day, it was written, I buckled in the drivers’ seat again and drove my way to church. Few things I had noted down on the small piece of paper. A note of thankfulness was also noted in the end as well, as in my mind. I could still recall that day.

in the drivers' seat again
In the drivers seat on a crowded road
Some of you might not believe, how crowded our roads could get, in the city we lived. On some days, it could take us a little less than an hour, to drive through some thirteen miles stretch. So, at a very slow pace, I tried driving in the driveways inside our locality before moving onto the next.

Again, I used this word, because I was unable to drive my car for more than one year. A series of long hospital stay had followed. Eventually, I also ended up in the operation table where amygdalohippocampectomy was done on me.

My God worked wonders, so I was able to drive on that day again. I am not trying to write down those pain and procedures I had endured during that time, to make it short.

Well, carefully, I drove to our church. No one knows the inside me when I reached our church. The person, who could have ended up in a decorated wooden box, was able to drive to the church on his own again. Few drops of tears were shed in happiness.

The Hymns, on that day, seems to have really connected with me and my Savior. My heart was filled with praise although I have difficulty in singing to my heart’s desires. That silent thanksgiving and prayers, in the midst of many, which filled my mouth were heart wrenching.

I had, thoroughly, enjoyed that short period of time I could sit inside our church. However, I had to make my way out from the crowded to a place where it is much quieter and calm.

It might not be as special for someone, as it was a normal thing to do on Sundays. But I was made able to sit in the drivers’ seat again so it was special for me.

God worked in so many ways, for His unworthy son like me that I feel blessed to have enjoyed His guiding hand in my so-called good and bad times of my life. Again, let my happiness and thankfulness be known to Him, in the highest.

Two more things, in my mind, I wanted to share with you:

In the drivers’ seat of my life:

In the drivers’ seat of life again means that I am able to take care of myself again, at some extent.

I did not enjoy those days when I needed to be accompanied and helped by someone, in every step I take. Toileting was one among them, which I needed help. There are good people around me, who could help me, from time to time. And I was thankful for that.

But, believe it nor not, toileting was a very private matter for a person. It was very normal and easy for a healthy person. Yet when you need help in these things in your conscious or semi-conscious state, it does not feel good at all.

What we consider normal could become a very heavy task to perform, when our normal body did not follow our commands. This was one of the lessons I had learned in the process. There are many things on this list.

Being able to perform our daily chores, at workplace or at home, was a huge blessing. Let us give thanks for all the work behind the scene, which our God had performed, so that we might lead a normal life.

Jesus in the drivers’ seat:

Putting Jesus Christ in the drivers’ seat would save us from many unwanted circumstances. But remember it does not mean we would be steered cleared of all the difficulties or adversities of life.

Being Jesus Christ in our drivers’ seat would give us comfort, even enjoyment, in our worst circumstances of life. His presence is more than enough in our lives.

Jesus Christ declared, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)

It was, and also is, through Him that we would get to the Father. If we let Him take His place in the drivers’ seat, all will be well.

In my upcoming post we will talk more about Jesus in the drivers’ seat. Stay blessed!

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Author: Thuam Siam Ngaihte

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