The Rugged Road

Dawn of hope in the rugged road
Dawn of Hope

Busy in my own thoughts I am
The road’s lonely, my ride’s bumpy
The rugged road’s hard to tread
Jammed here in this road I chose
Silence befall, no voice I hear
Drive me out of my lonely den

My chains unshackled
In His blood I am free
Free to follow Him faithfully
Boundless love afloat my Road
Owing my loyalty to Him forevermore

Lead me in the road I’m feeble
Effete, worn, and my trembling feel
Yet You are good and faithful
Enable me to tread on heights
In fellowship we would stay
My Rock you are my refuge!

Here in the Valley it is dark
Pointy rocks hard to ignore
Light of hope shone my road dimly
Yet my eyes are not blinded
Your grace appeared saving me fall
Hope dawns on the rugged road!