Smiling: Showing Happy Face

smiling beauty
Smiley: everyone loves to see
‘Papa, you are not smiling!’ exclaimed my little daughter.

She was in her playing mood, imitating people she has seen. These are precious moments for a Stay-at-Home-Dad.

‘Ah! You caught me, dear! I am sorry.’ I replied.

She came forward pulled my cheeks to let me smile. She did it. And she was happy. A face shines while smiling.

‘Umm-uh, you’re handsome, Papa!’ she continued. She made my day. I gathered all my expression and showed her my charming smiling face.

She was chattering and chirping all around me as we played. She was energetic and excited the whole day. And I try to smile more often. We grab teddy bear and make his faces as we like.

What had happened to me! I said to myself. I am not unhappy but my smile did not show out. There was no change in my facial appearance. I am smiling inside of me, just for me only, it seems. I easily get lost in my own thoughts.

My jaws are tight and my facial muscles hardly change. Except for the serial twitching of muscles near my eyes. That too, not a good sign although it ended by itself most of the time. It is uncomfortable at times.

Everyone gets relief to see happy faces. It is a good practice to show our happy faces at least. It is not costly and may be the cheapest way to help others.

My son came home from school. He was happy to show me that his Ma’am (teacher) gave him a smiley sticker for his class work. That’s the power of seeing a smiling face. With words of my praise, I also pat him and smiled as bright as I could. Both of us are happy!

Some of us can lose our smiling face on the way. The reason varied for each person. It might be due to illness, grief, unable to handle responsibility, busy and hectic schedule, and the likes.

But once awhile, it would be a good practice to take time off and smile upon all our difficulties. Reflecting on the good things in our lives so far, less we lose our smile too.

Things have changed a lot. We lose some we gain some. Balancing act in life needs to be maintained.

Wearing a smile on our face is a powerful weapon in dealing with circumstances of life. Smile back to someone at least once a day, not the fake smile of those trained persons.

There are fake and genuine smiles too. A genuine smile can be ease other’s minds. It can change their day. However, a fake smile simple adds to their woes.

A smile can be contagious too. When someone in the room wears a genuine smile it can spread all over the place. “A cheerful look brings joy to the heart; good news makes for good health.” (Proverbs 15:30)

Even in our workplace, we are told to smile often did things with a smile regardless of the situation. (Ephesians 6:7)

Let us try to retain our smiling face. You can join me in regaining a shining face and kept me encouraged.

Smiling is the unique quality or expression possessed by human among all other creations.

Keep Smiling!

Being a Stay At-Home-Dad: As the journey goes on

  • Being a stay-at-home-Dad is a bigger challenge than I ever thought.  I was happy to be with them the whole time and play with them. It was a great privilege on my part to witness the growth of my children.  Every new thing they learn and taught by me gives immense pleasure on me.
  • Teaching the way of life with my own life becomes a big task.  Children are more affected by their surroundings and they learned from what they see.  So many things in the life of an adult had to be kept away as long as you are with them.
  • The privilege of enjoying my children comfortably sitting on my lap is my priority, for now.  My small kisses, wrapping them around my arms, my assurance, giving them ‘high fives’ for every small achievement, me being hugged tightly when they came home from school, etc. meant the world to me.
  • From time to time, even in the least expected situation when they uttered “Papa, I love you…” it makes my living worthy.  The feeling of happiness was more than words to describe.  The time will come when they too would want to live as their heart desire, with the adrenaline kicking.  But they will love their parents more when they can reasoned again.
  •  To be in the mood of a child for most of the day was heartening.  You should be quick to change your mood instantly.  Dance, when they demand, and cry at the same time to keep them entertaining.   Office life is a big get away ticket.  Since I’ve experienced both, I think, I can say this.
  • It made me realized what my parents did to bring me up is worth more than an appreciation.   I respect them.  I love them more for what they did.  Something beyond what money can buy that cannot be repaid in its entirety.  When it is time for me to takeover as a full-fledge father, I simply, cannot leave it for somebody.
  • Sowing a seed of life that thought would best suits their life is always risky.  It is more important to be able to keep them focus in the will of God.  To let them live a life worthy in the eyes of the Lord would fulfill my duty to look after them.
  • Never did I think I’d be doing this job during my student life or when I first joined my banking job.  Working till retirement was what I had anticipated.  Unexpected turns are common in life.  And I know it will turn again, someday somewhere, for better or for worst.
  • The time will come when my kids are all grown up, by God’s grace.  I don’t know what I would do in those times.  They may want me to work again so that I might earn again.  Since I have already left my fulltime job and getting a new job isn’t that easy.
  • Day in day out, the thought of leaving my children in some crèche was disheartening at that time.  I do not regret doing what I do either.  Their happiness is my happiness.  I’d shed few tears when I put up my resignation for consideration, as it is a dream for any man to work in a reputed sector.
  • In the meantime, my health plays a big spoil-sport.  It was, sometimes, disheartening as I could not spent time and play with them as much as I wanted to.  I have a big plan, for and with them, when I started to spent my time with them.
  • Since we don’t know what future holds, we tried to fill their heart with valuable instructions, which I could impart at my best, to them.  So every moment was used as best as we could, I would say.
  • Big respect to my wife, for putting food on the table, every day.  Every deeds and hard work of my wife was deeply appreciated.  In this way, when we worked together, we are able to run a small family, at our best.
  • Should we be able to form a family, which is under God, it would be our dream fulfilled.  With great faith and hope, my children would, hopefully, walked in the ways of the Lord.  That would bring contentment to my life.
  • Though there are certain difficulties and obstacles, at times missing my office atmosphere, in our chosen way of life, we are hopeful that our work would bear fruit someday.

PS: These are based on my personal journey in metro city.