He Ain’t Asleep

He told ’em to cross over
Got in the boat, they followed
A Furious storm came, He’s asleep
They were left terrified

They went to Jesus; woke Him
“Dear Lord, save us now!
We’re going to drown.”
He rebuked the storm; it was calm.

With you why would I be afraid?
Yes my Lord! I’m man of little faith
In the storm of life, you keep me safe
Your assurance ‘till I cross over
Tranquility, I found in you.

Lord, why do you sleep on me?
See my misery and oppression
Rise up and rescue me
Because of your unfailing love

Oh friend, are you troubled?
In your arms, He may not hold
He won’t let you drowned
His loyalty would be with us.

Jesus ain’t asleep, He’s Almighty
His presence filled my soul
In His light he’ll lead me
Until the journey’s over
He’ll lead me to quiet waters.

A boat amidst storm
A boat in rough sea

Of Fear and Faith:

As I was reading through Matthew 8:23, there’s an infighting of faith and fear in my heart. Jesus Christ was there with the disciples. His presence was with them. But it wasn’t enough to calm their fear as they were crossing over the lake.

Jesus Christ had just performed miracles and spoke about faith through parables. Undoubtedly, Jesus Christ possessed power that was new to human. They have seen Him, very close, with their own eyes. It would be comforting to be with Him, always, it seems.

But His disciples were human, which have fervent fear in their heart as a huge squall rocked their boat. I see them as being very me; although I trust Him, I wanted to see Him work. I wanted Jesus Christ to clear all storms of life. When I pray, I wanted Him to act, as I would have wanted. I cannot control the Almighty.

My little faith get drained in no time. He was silent on several matters, it seems. I’ve informed Him but He did not get up. He wanted my faith to be stronger. His presence is sufficient as my boat would not sink. However, fear gripped my body. And it had seized me, sometimes.

In His time, Jesus would calm the storm. Even the storms, all storms of life, obeyed His commands. He rebuked the storms; and it was calm: tranquility restored.

Does God forget us?

During King David’s reign, in a time of great national distress, David humbly expostulate God’s apparent forgetfulness. In Psalms 44:23-26, David reminded God of their mourning and sufferings, but most importantly, their faithfulness to Him.

It was more of a prayer for the future. Jehovah, the God of Israel was never asleep, He keep watching His people. He never forgets His people.

There are times in our life when God doesn’t make sense. He seems to slumber when we most needed Him. But our God never slumber nor did He sleep in His people.

How will men survive if we are to fend everything for ourselves? Beyond we can see, He’s at work, for us to see the light of each new day. Several plans of us that backfired, one day we may reap its ripen fruit should we have not lost our faith in the process.

He’s asleep when we’re of little faith: His assurance more than sufficient to get us through the storms of life. Without Him, there’s no peace and tranquility.