Going Home: Brief Concept of Perfect Christmas

In the middle of December, two years ago, I had undergone brain surgery. Just ten days left before the year’s Christmas dawned. I was recovering, in the Intensive Care Unit, with few pains between the doses of painkiller.

Somehow, I want to go home before Christmas. And I know it could simply be a far cry of the inner self. My two young kids, who could not see me in my hospital room, were at home. My wife’s busy maintaining balance between home and hospital.

At least if it is possible, I don’t want to steal the spirit of celebration or celebrating moods of my devoted attendants. I was there, in the fumigated and calm hospital room, swooning to the beeping sounds of supporting machines.

During those period of uncertainty, I can recollect what my father told us before every Christmas; a prayer for those who could not be home for Christmas. Especially for those who are about to spend Christmas time in their hospital bed. I told myself, ‘I could be one of them!’

However, I know that nothing is in my control. I may or may not be home for Christmas; even if I am home I could simply offer my presence. After all, I know that all our family members would be praying for my quick recovery.Many times, I was made aware of their intercessory prayers.

Home for Christmas with decorations
Artwork: Home for Christmas

One evening, Doctor VP told me that I would be going home for Christmas; I thanked him. We even click few still moments, capturing those happy moments. We were discharge the next day. And we’re home for Christmas!

The almost Perfect Christmas:

Before moving forward to how we celebrate Christmas that year, I wanted to take you around on how we wanted to have a perfect Christmas. By tradition and culture, we are among those people who wanted to celebrate by having a grand feast among the believers. Everyone’s excited being part of the celebration, soon after the programs in our church are over.

Now, as time goes by we would like to give each other the perfect gifts. We chose the perfect greeting cards and write the perfect family letters if we’re not home. We would imagine the perfect celebration for Christmas and put all our effort to make it work. In other words, it was that time of the year where the pressure intensifies.

In many places, nowadays, the so-called celebration or party planners would be busy tending calls in this time of the year. Everyone wanted the best Christmas for a year. All the preparations would be way over the normal budget compared with any other occasion. It is good; it shows our appreciation of the new-born king.

For some people, it is time for buying new dresses for their children and love ones. Their wallet would be stretched a bit. They would want to show up shining and well-polished. These are what we called as being part of creating a celebrating atmosphere in most part of the world. Some have-nots section of the society would be getting their annual heist, which is long overdue.

Faulty Concept of Perfection:

We wanted to put good food on the table. More importantly, most people already work hard to secure the once-in-a-lifetime kind of meal on that day. However, unsurprisingly part of the meal got overcooked, probably, due to intensified behavioral error.

Children are busy fighting over toys. Their parents might get affected either directly or indirectly due to their tenacious or domineering attitude over others. Before they get the better side of it Christmas would be over. It would be disappointing for some.

Due to our faulty concept of perfection some would be left high and dry. Our perfection Jesus Christ had promised us is something different from this entire attitude. This year, if your Christmas celebration is less ideal and non-meaningful, take a backseat, relax, and focus more on the perfection we have in Him.

The Meaningful Christmas:

Let’s go back to our Christmas celebration, when we’re home just before Christmas, on that particular year.

There’s no time for preparation nor did have we time and strength to decorate our house. Yet there’s joy in being home for Christmas. It really was a joyous moment this Christmas as we’d be spending time together at home.

Spending precious time together at home, talking in deep the purpose of the birth of Christ, and the sharing the privileges we have in Christ Jesus would be more beneficial. For someone who is still deprived of the privilege of having peace with, it would be a great opportunity to ponder over it. There is joy, which the world could not give, in Christ Jesus.

Due to some specific reasons, some of us can’t be part of the celebration organized by anyone but we’d be talking about the reality of Christmas to our children. In between short nap and taking rest, we talked about the significance of the birth of a new king; the Savior.

All of us couldn’t make it home. We still have a troubles; a battle to fight.

Instead of getting discouraged, as we need to go slow on almost everything, we could focus more on the true meaning of Christmas; we could be in peace with our Creator because of the coming of Jesus Christ, here on earth. Our broken relationship amended so that we could be called the son of God.

If you’re among those people who cannot make it home, either by choice or due to unavoidable circumstances, it can still be meaningful if you spend time with God. He came to die so that we may have life, should we believe in Him.

For the grace of God has appeared that offers salvation to all people. (Titus 2:11) In Him, we become the Righteous. For by one sacrifice he has made perfect forever those who are being make holy. (Hebrew 10:14)

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good-will toward men!

P.S Merry Christmas!