Young Parents at Christmas Time

We have started assembling the decoration items from last Christmas. Our young children are more than ready to help. As we mounted our small Christmas tree on its stand, they started singing Christmas carols, although bit by bit. Excitement filled our rooms.

There’s one problem though, they’d appreciate our work but they’re reluctant to help keep the house tidy. It’s a child’s play, and we understood it. While we’re busy hanging the items someone would be busy taking it down.

We sat down, as we had a hearty laugh. Few years down the line they’ll be fine, we said. Well, they are our future and for them we lived. It is relieving to spend time with young one in considerable ways. They possessed a mind still pure, which would soon be intoxicated by the groaning planet.

Every year when Christmas is nigh, we’re in a dilemma whether to decorate our rooms or not. It is one among those many forms of dilemmas young parents faced, at the end of the day.

Young parents are trendsetters. We are raising the future. How we celebrate the birth of a Savior; either partying or worshipping, would be sowing values in their lives. It would be something we cannot take a redo. We teach them more with our moves. We are sowing values, at the same time, reminding our children the heart of Christmas.

Christmas decoration of a room
Shade of simple decorations at Christmas time

For most young parents, either our children bring in the spirit of Christmas or they stole some portion of the mood, especially meditating on the words around the birth of Jesus Christ. Young parents could be left with fluctuating moods in comparison to single life. All in all, it is always enjoyable.

Generally speaking, young parents are either very excited or in dilemmas all the time. Not only during Christmas times. It is like two people, new to their job, who wanted to perform very well in sowing good seeds. They delighted at what they had with number of decisions, small or big, awaiting them.

Young Parents of the new-born Savior:

For a brief moment, I wanted to take you to the nativity story. Joseph learned that his betrothed wife, Mary was with a child of the Holy Spirit, before they came together. It was time for him, in taking decision, what to do next. (Matthew 1:18-25)

In short, the angel appeared to Joseph in his sleep confirming the child conceived in her is of the Holy Spirit. He took her as his wife as commanded by the angel of the Lord.

The soon-to-be parents went up from Galilee, out of the city of Nazareth, into Judea, to the city of David, which is called Bethlehem, to be registered with Mary following the decree for census issued by Caesar Augustus. (Luke 2:1-7)

The days were completed for Mary to be delivered. And there was no room for them in the inn, so they laid her firstborn, Jesus Christ, in a manger. These things happen so that prophecies could be fulfilled. They are the young parent who deeply relies on the word of God.

Now, as a young parent they are truly dedicated on serving their purpose of bringing up baby Jesus. It was their task at hand for the time being. The child they are raising, one day, would be a Savior for mankind.

Should we move forward to the occurrences in regards to baby Jesus, His parents have fled from one place to another. It would really be a great challenge staying strong on the promises of God.

Here are few questions I would like to ask them:

Did you really know it was the Son of God you’re holding in your very own arm? How would it feel to hold our Heavenly Father, in the form of human, in your hands? Did you really know the boy you feed today would deliver people from their impending sin?

Does your little boy showed any sign of divinity, being the Son of God, from time to time? Did you really know that one day you will call Him Lord? Is it hard to hold on to the faith foretold about your boy? Do you really believe your dedication would pay off one day?

Challenges as a Young Parent:

It is sad but true that there are many parents who give their all, in raising their children, who does not do well in life. They had invested their time, wealth, and wisdom in shaping a child. Still some are unsuccessful, we called them, which largely depends on the basis of the factors we’d weighed them.

We took many decisions for them; some did confidently while some did in good faith. Decisions, decisions, and decisions, are along the way. For example, the dress we led them wear before they could decide by themselves, and the schools where we sent them, etc., etc.

But it’s going to be worth it. For it is written; Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it. (Prov. 22:6) I hope and believe that Our Wonderful Counselor would counsel them beyond what we can do.

Does anyone know who our little children are going to be when they grow up? Do you think it would be easier should we’ve been foretold? I hope not! Parenting is full of challenges.

As young parents, it might be challenging but our role is to simply channelized their necessities, which would help our children in serving their purpose God had set for them. It has something to do with more of their purpose than ours.

When we’re low on finances and unexpected problem came up, although quietly, we might question ourselves and what we had sacrificed for their sake. I don’t know whether you did that, maybe it’s only me.

No obligations to my dear children if they read this piece when they grow up. We are happy being your parents. My children, you should also devote their time and money in raising your children you’d be blessed with, I hope.

Our parenthood might not start with grandeur but if we carry out our responsibility with delicacy and absolute care towards our children, it would be a purposeful life.

In the end, Christmas times are joyful moments. Joy to the world the Lord has come; the greatest gift of all. Let us rejoice in the sacrifice of the Lamb for mankind.

As you sit under the mistletoes, submerged in the nativity story, trying to explain the heart of Christmas at your best, looking at the stars and decorations, let your hope be renewed. May your heart be filled with joy!

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Author: Thuam Siam Ngaihte

My name is Thuam Siam Ngaihte I am a Stay-at-Home Dad, by choice, and a freelance content writer based in New Delhi, India.  I'd worked as an Assistant (Accounts & Cash) in State Bank of India for five blissful years. I have Masters Degree in Political Science. I am fighting Epileptic disorder for the past 10 years. In my free time, I love to write, share thoughts, and recount simple life stories in village and metropolitan cities. I love life in its simplicity.

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